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SEO for Social Media matters.

A highly interactive SEO channel that allows the advertiser to build long-term relationships with social media users.

Facebook Ads: Ads sponsored by an advertiser that appear to the right of the Facebook interface.

Landing page: The page users see once they have clicked through to your ad.

SEO Campaign: A series of ads with the same objective, targeting the same audience.

Ad Testing & monitoring: Testing different images and taglines to maximize ad performance.

CTR (Click-through-rate): The percentage of users that click on your ad.

CPC (Cost-per-click): The average amount of money it costs each time a user clicks your ad.

CPM (Cost-per-impression): The average amount of money it costs each time a user views your ad.

CPA (Cost-per-action): The average amount of money it costs to generate a new fan.

PPC (Pay-per-click): An advertising platform that allows advertisers to pay each time an ad is clicked or, each time an ad is viewed.

Social media SEO consultation: Learn how to manage your social media content and how to time your content posts, how to better engage your fans, and best practices. Alternatively, hire our social media management team.

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· Frequently Asked Questions ·

Not sure which Social Media SEO Plan to choose?

Don't worry! As a Personal Digital SEO Agency, we understand that sometimes is confusing to choose the best Social Media Package for your Social Media. We provide negotiable Social Media price for dynamic customers. Our cost effective SMO Packages is completely customized to your budget and requirements. Getting started with our small Digital SEO Services.

Our social media SEO packages are suitable for small users and can help them to utilize social media marketing that has a limited budget and want to create or enhance their social presence. As a social media agency, we provide digital SEO and social media advertising services including Brand Management, Social Media Consultancy, Content Creation, Social Media Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis, and Social PPC at affordable rates.

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· First Common Question ·

Do you have a social media site, but people still cannot find you online?

The secret to success actually lies right on your doorstep. In fact, to get the highest ROI from your digital SEO efforts, you need to pay most attention to those customers, and potential visitors, nearest to you. In other words, you need to think local and use the right online platforms that will enable you to reach them. This is where having a local SEO strategy for your social media will make all the difference.

· Second Common Question ·

What is happening to social media SEO?

Social media SEO is the use of social media networks, like Facebook (the world’s largest social network), YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and others to connect with current and potential customers, and the general public. However, like everything in our modern digital world, things are changing fast, and no more so than on the social media networks and, by extension, also in the world of social media.

· Third Common Question ·

What’s the main benefit of digital SEO?

In addition to using these channels to connect with their target audiences, digital media also monitor how those audiences respond. Unlike traditional or offline efforts, digital SEO enables digital visitors to see accurate results in real time. For example, if you put an advert in a magazine or mail out a flyer it’s extremely difficult to determine how many people actually went to the page in the magazine and paid attention to your advert or read your flyer when it arrived in their mailbox (or simply biffed it in the bin). In other words, there’s really no accurate way to know if your advert or flyer was responsible for any visits at all.